Taragh Bracken Beats The Sunday Blues With Quality Family Time

What do Sundays mean to you? Brunches with your best friends, the dreaded laundry day or simply watching movies on repeat while snuggling up to your cat. Everyone has a different idea of how to best use their Sunday, as it is technically the beginning of the week. We’ve interviewed a few powerful women to get their insight into how they spend this critical day of the week in order to get themselves girl boss-ready for Monday.


Their Self-Care Routines Speak For Itself

The first special lady on our list was Taragh Bracken, a family lawyer who spends practically every moment she breathes carving out arguments for her clients to then represent them in the court room. This power lady wears all the pants on Sunday, where she is a mother and wife to her beloved husband Jeremy.



Family Time Helps Reduce Stress

In order to maintain her calm, Taragh Brackens stated that she starts off her Sundays by practicing one hour of Ashtanga yoga. This invigorating practice allows her to meditate in the now, only focusing on prolonging her breathe and intaking positivity and light into her spirit. After she does this practice, she then invites her family over for a brunch (which she thankfully gets catered so that no prep is necessary on her part—something that she can afford to do as a lawyer!) to catch up with her loved ones. After her extended family leaves is when she will take time for her children and husband, either watching a family film or taking a walk to the park.


And of course, as a busy woman it is vital to sometimes take your own time to breathe. What do some of our top power ladies do to take time for themselves?


Sometimes Solitude Is Important

We interviewed a state senator, Stephanie Smith, who stated that she feels the pressures of being on all the time since her public office occupation is pretty much 24/7. If she doesn’t get her alone time, then her emotions become short-fused. She reduces the chances for burn out by going on a solo hike near her home, biking through the cherry blossoms in her neighborhood, lying outside (or under warm covers in the winter) while reading a book or laying back and watching a reality television show—something mindless. Anything that doesn’t require much thinking is the best method to zone out and reinvigorate your energy.


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