Kevin Sheehan’s Daughter Feels Bad About Social Media

Kevin Sheehan isn’t a massive social media follower. He only recently started using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. However, he can tell that his daughter’s mental health is becoming quite negatively affected by the number of influencers and beauty gurus who are glamorizing their lives in unrealistic photos. These influencers are micro celebrities who are given free PR gifts from expensive skincare products, to luxurious vacations to Hawaii or the Domenican Republic, all the way to the king-sized mattress on your bed. It never seems to end, and it’s no wonder that Millennials are feeling the constant FOMO of catching up with the trends and looking like their lives are perfect.


Are Influencers Really Perfect?

In reality, are the celebrities and influencers who do make their lives look perfect really that perfect? In fact, it’s all a veneer. They want you to believe that they are society’s perfect little dolls so that you end up clicking that link and purchase the newest foundation, cell phone case or swimsuit as per their benefit. These influencers will open up small businesses and work their fan-base to earn them many extra bucks.


Some Influencers Actually Want You To Feel Good

However, not all influencers want others to feel bad about themselves, and thus motivating them to compensate their self-doubts by purchasing the items they showcase in their hauls or have been sponsored to post about on Instagram. If you’re going through tansitions into your life, such as wanting to lose weight or change your job, then there are many platforms to choose from via YouTube and other social platforms. Sheehan took the opportunity to promote to high daughter Beverly Tess Holliday’s social media platforms as she uses Instagram to connect with others and talk positively about her plus-sized weight. She squashes the norm on beauty standards, dedicating her voice to making younger, impressionable girls all the way to grown adults feel better about the person they are both inside and outside.

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