Brad Roemer’s Study On Women Entrepreneurs

What’s so different about the way women and men lead a company? Unfortunately, the majority of men are leading in the C-Level Suite, where only 14% of women were found to appropriate an executive role in the Fortune 1000 companies. What’s the issue with this grave image? It all comes down to the misunderstanding of the colorful leadership qualities that most women are born with. Brad Roemer decided to enthrall himself in an experiment for his realtor business, uncovering whey it is that in most industries the men dominate the scene. Roemer considers himself a great feminist, always taking on the perspective that he should treat others like he would want his wife and daughter to be treated.


They Look for Opportunities

One of the most glimmering points that was brought across the globe is women’s ability to see the glass half full everywhere they go. They leave pessimism out the door and focus on all the opportunities they can take advantage of by pivoting off their strengths. New societal and technological changes? No problem, every challenge and potential threat that harbours the scene provides another reason to breed a new offering to the table.


Their Minds are Strategically-Wired

Brad Roemer did some studies to find out the differences that women and men leaders possess when it comes to strategizing and creating blueprints for a company. Most women leaders don’t do things out of emotion. They eloquently time the advancements of each business step they take to boss up in their organization. The best of the crop check their egos at the door and focus on practicing effective business measures to save on time and money.


Passion Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Many men will describe women leaders as the more emotional ones of the pack. While it is not entirely untrue that women’s nurturing and loving hormones do effect emotions, they use emotion to drive their emotional intelligence. They have an intuitive knowing for their passion and will pursue them full force when they know it’s the right route for them.


Maintaining a Constant Entrepreneurial Spirit

Women know how to juggle a ton of different responsibilities all at once, giving way to their complete frequentation with entrepreneurship. They avoid distractions and noise from getting in the way of their workflow, and find true excitement by ideation and project management tools. Roemer even found that certain ladies like to control the show, harbouring a severe sense of independence and reliability for a team.